This fall (2019), I am a co-instructor for Critical Perspectives in Global Health (with João Biehl) at Princeton University, where I will also be advising students’ senior research projects.

While completing my Ph.D., I taught undergraduate students at Johns Hopkins University's Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and Whiting Engineering School, as well as medical students at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

In Fall 2017, I won a Dean's Teaching Fellowship to design and teach my own course, "Technology and Global Health: A History from the 19th Century to the Present." 

I am prepared to teach survey courses in the History of Medicine (Antiquity to Present), 20th/21st century US History, Modern Africa, US Diplomatic History, the History of Capitalism, and the History of Technology, as well as more specialized upper level classes including "American Foreign Aid in the 20th Century," "Health and Healing in Modern Africa," "On Drugs: A History of Pharmaceuticals," and “Critical Global Health Studies.”